Sewing Pattern Maker Software

Sewing Pattern Maker Software

by Raymond Lowe

This page is a summary of several different software programs that allow you to create sewing patterns or slopers using your home computer. Included is information and website links for the following software:

Software Overview



Good points

Bad points


Fittingly Sew Cost? Actually edit the pieces.
Layout your pieces on fabric.
Dress Shop 2.5 $199.95 Windows
$149.95 Mac
$129.95 v.2.0 DOS
Very clear printing of pieces DOS version is ugly.
Personal Patterns 3 $129 Basic
$199 Jacket/Suit add-on
$299 for both

$99 Pants/Shorts only
$50 Children's add-on

Modern Windows program.
Nice display of "fashion drawings".
Slightly confusing
PatternMaker $129 Home Version
$1,119 Expert Version
Custom Pattern Maker $500 Professional
$150 Student
Symmetry from $295 to $1995

Fittingly Sew

This is a great program.

You define a sloper. Then apply the sloper to a pattern. These can be just "blanks" such as pants, or a real pattern. But the real patterns are not supplied with the demo so I don't know how nice they are.

Unlike most programs this one lets you edit the patterns line by line. If you have used sophisiticated drawing tools (perhaps Corel Draw or a CAD package) then it will be easy. Even with less experience it really isn't that hard. A multi-level undo would be nice though!

Dress Shop 2

Dress Shop 2 is a MS DOS program. Version 2.5 for DOS, Mac or Windows came out after this review. The DOS program itself seems very ugly and clumsy, but the patterns it prints are (from my HP LJ 5L printer) the clearest of those I've tried.

The demo does not allow you to use your own measurements, but you can try out the very extensive measuring system. Download it from

Version 2.5 was promised to be prettier.

Personal Patterns 3

This is a modern looking Windows program. The overall design is a little confusing but you could get used to it.

The demo lets you see many patterns. You can interactively change the measurements and see how the pattern piece changes, a potentially facinating learning tool.

The demo only will print a single piece, a front tunic piece, and nothing else.

Download their demo from:


I have not tried even the demo of this. But it comes in several version of varying sophistication. Someone said that you need to know how to draw patterns to be able to use it.

There is also a jacket specific version of this program.

User Comments


>From Kirsten Rounds:

I tried the download demo of Symmetry by Wild-Ginger available at This is a pretty sophisticated patternmaking software program. It allows custom slopers, grading, fabric layout, flat pattern alteration, piece division for wearable art, coding, specification marking (finished dimensions etc), any seam allowance, full pattern marking tools... There are many different versions available at different prices. It offers Women's, Men's and Children's slopers with about 15 measurements for each. CAD experience would be helpful but probably not required to run this software effectively, good flat pattern skills would also be very helpful. Design is all up to you the program gives you tips and makes a basic sloper but you need to know how to translate that into your design.

The demo offers no interaction ability. It leads you through the steps and features very quickly and cursorily.

>From the demo, I would think this excellent software for the experienced patternmaker or professional designer.


Good Luck

Khalida Asri.