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About Page:
This is a brief explanation about our site.
The information about myself can be located here. We are more specialised on Muslim women apparel and our tutorials are free complimentary services. This is what separates us from our competition. Visitors, please read other links on thispages to find out more about us and our online presence.

The patterns in this page lets you select the style you want to print by simply clicking on a picture of the garment, and then printing complete patterns.All pattern pieces necessary to make the garment are printed. Interactive measurements allow you to see the changes in a pattern onscreen, as well as update your measurements.

Sorted by Degree Of Difficulty
Beginner Projects

These projects are geared to an individual who has little to no sewing experience. They require basic straight sewing, very few curves and very little in sewing equipment.

Intermediate Projects

These projects are geared to the individual who has some very basic sewing skills and has a very basic understanding of sewing terms.

Advanced Projects

These projects are for the individual who has a good grasp on sewing, experience with patterns and sewing terms. They have a good supply of equipment and a basic understanding of how to use their equipment.

How to make dress...blouse..etc ?

How to draw pattern etc.

How to do Quilting ?

How to Cross Stiching ?


Expert Dressing and Sewing Tips

eHow.com.  How things Get Done.

Sewing Resources  
Sewing search hosts more than 1,500 sewing web links and you can search for more than 25,000 retails shops or 4,000 manufacturers database. www.sewingsearch.com   

Turn Your Hobby or Craft Into a Home-Based Business
Make Money Doing Something You Love
Are you looking for ways to earn a part-time or full-time income by working out of your home? Maybe you've dreamed about turning your creativity into a home-based business, or maybe you'd just like to earn a little extra money to supplement your current income. You can turn your hobby or craft into cash. Most creative people also have an entrepreneurial streak hidden someplace inside them. You may just need a little encouragement to get started. A home-business doesn't have to be a pipe dream!

Excellant Sewing Resources
Find Time to Sew
Choose a Sewing Pattern and Fabric
Choose a Sewing Pattern for Your Shape
Choose a Sewing Thread
Clean a Sewing Machine
Create a Ghost Costume

Your One-Stop Source for
Apparel and Sewn Product Information,Tools and Resources
One-stop- everything- you-ever- wanted- to-know- about- fabrics, trims,accessories, care,  embroidery,knitting,and quilting megasite.. 

Mom's at Home 
we sell original sewing patterns, handmade children's outerwear,and personalized calenders. 

You can make it Inc.  We Teach a Skill... Not Just a Project .. 

Sewing Software:
Drafting and designing for Fashion Patterns
Advance Tutorials Website:
Advance Sewing & Pattern Drafting