Drafting Instructions for Women's Tailored Skirt Sloper

[ January 18, 1998 ]

Principles And Problems of Pattern Making
As Applied To Women's Apparel -
Book I: Foundation Patterns Or Slopers

Charles Kaplan and Esther Kaplan
Published by Streimin Studio
Copyright 1939
Reproduced w/o permissions

You can draft a pattern for a women's tailored skirt sloper by following these drafting instruction.

If you notice any errors in here,please tell me about it! Thanks!

All measurements are to be taken with the customer wearing foundation garments.

NOTE: there are NO allowances for seams; seam allowances are to be added later.

  Use metric units? Yes No

F1 Center front length measure the center front length of the skirt from center front of the waistline, down the center front, to the floor.
F2 Center back length meassure the center back length of the skirt from center back of the waistline, down the center back, to the floor.
F3 Waist measure the waist, allowing no ease
F4 Hip measure the hip, seven inches (17.5 cm) below the waistline, allowing one inch (2.5 cm) of ease.
  NOTE: The finished length measurements are obtained by subtracting, equally, from both front and back lengths, the desired distance from the floor up to the hemline of the skirt.

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